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Creating a pretty and useful website enables you to have international advertising beside of online. BroozSoft’s expert Web developers are providing responsive, multi language websites using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java Script and also CMS.


BroozSoft’s is providing high quality multi color graphic designs and prints of (visit carts, brochure, catalog, magazine, etc) and also prefect logo, 2D and 3D Animations.


A good database is used to store and manage your organization ‘s data and does accounting on your asset and stock. we are proudly here to make the most comprehensive databases management systems to store your company ‘s data.


Using and Closed-Circuit Cameras secure the organization and provide reliable monitoring. Broozsoft IT company offers you the best AHD Analoge and IP camera brand and also transfers videos to your own office all our the world.

About Us

We are a here to make it easy joining you to the world and make your business more comfortable and touchable.
Everything you need here is professional.

BroozSoft IT Group is a new name in field of information technology which is ready to provide services in IT sections.BroozSoft with its expert and creative team members are proud of having many IT solution services such as Hosting Services, Website & Database designing, Web Application Developments, Network Implementation Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Also this group is ready to provide IT professional trainings for who are interested in IT solution and implementation.


We have real people working for you, with some nice looking profile pictures and links to social media.


Chief Executing Officer. Manage and Monitor Group Process and responsible for the contract between customers and members. Network and Security Camera Expert. Routing and implementing Cisco, Mikrotik Routers and Window Server 2012.

M.K Hassani

Project Manager
Monitor and responsible for the IT projects. Develop and design Website, Database and Web Application by: My SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, Ajax. A WordPress Professional.


Finance Manager
Manage financial affairs, arrange Quotation and Invoice, pay and receive bills. Develop Website and Database over My SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, etc.


Graphic Manager
Computer Science Bachelor Degree from India. Expert in 3D Animation and professional in 3Ds Max, After Effect, Photoshop etc. Develop database with My SQL and PHP and also a profound Knowledge in Microsoft GP.

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